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About our Team

ArchCGI has a team of 4 members: Civil Engineers, Architects, 3D artists and software engineers. As we excel in different fields, we provide our valuable insight to each aspect of a 3D project. We focus on a better workflow and communication amongst the team, along with efficiently conveying our work with the clients. We are currently working on integrating AI into our CGI to improve speed and quality.

About Tarang Bhalani

I am a civil engineer, professional 3D artist and director of ArchCGI. I have a formal and technical knowledge in building, planning, composition, materials and interior design. My working experience includes wide range of projects such as villas, homes, apartments, shopping centres, offices, bars, restaurants, commercial buildings and much more. I have executed each division of building architecture, from conception to completion.

The optimal uses of our renders

Faster project approvals and better marketing outreach

Trial and Error of different design options, design styles and themes

Direct impact on project execution

Accurate material selection

Catch Errors in architectural projects and improve it

The final project 2D layouts can be derived from 3D Models


We aim to provide to best quality designs in lowest possible time

Our definition for Best Designs: Context-specific, contrained by budget, perfectly planned, follows a design style, perfect combination of colors and materials

Our definition for quality in time: A higher quality CGI needs more processing time and vice versa, a lower quality CGI requires less processing time. Balancing the quality/ time ratio through our workflow.


Aspirants searching for a role in Architecture design, 3D, 2D, sales or marketing can send their CV/ portfolio to: umang9427@gmail.com

Our Team

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Tarang Bhalani
Founder, 3D Artist


Umang Bhalani
Web Dev & Post Production


Vishwa Vaja
3D Artist


Saurabh Jain
Architect & Modelling Expert